Utah Dealer Franchise Laws

Auto Dealer Franchise Laws present the best opportunity to ensure local ownership and operation of dealerships, which benefits consumers and local communities.



Local franchised auto dealers create fierce price competition and prevent manufacturer monopolies; this competition drives consumer costs down.



Local franchised auto dealers protect consumer safety with recall, warranty and repair service;



Local franchised auto dealers generate good-paying local jobs, tax revenues and economic benefits; and simplify the otherwise complex car purchasing and registration process.



Car dealerships have a significant impact on Utah’s economy from $124 million in taxes paid to Utah’s government to providing a total of 20,895 jobs.

Utah Dealer Franchise Laws Give Customers the Right to Choose:

As a matter of principle, you have the right to negotiate. You have the right to seek a better deal. And you have the right to choose the financing option that’s best for you. By doing away with Dealer Franchise Laws, the legislature would in effect: take away your right to negotiate, your right to a good deal, your right to benefit. When you’re paying $30,000+ for a car and stretching to do it, you should have every possible financial advantage. No government institution should deny you that. That’s not what government is supposed to do.