Health Insurance

Member Services is an exclusive offering to NCDU members. It enables our dealers to combine together as a whole for cost effective and efficient health and dental benefits for dealers and their employees.

The main benefits include

1) the cost of administration is substantially below market and

2) the discounts are created specifically for our members.

Two managing entities oversee these services:

Registration Services is a division of NCDU.  Our specialized team member will help you set up discount benefits tailored to meet the needs of you and your employees.

For more information, contact: Jason Bickmore 801-484-8845 or by email

TRUST is a subsidiary of NCDU managing the customer service of our health benefit offerings.  Once you have signed up, this group will manage all of your customer service needs.

For more information, contact: Toll Free 800-594-8920 or statewide 801-484-8845 or by email  Tiffany Velez,


Workers Compensation

We offer competitive workers compensation coverage to dealerships through carriers that have an appetite for the automotive industry.

Contact Jason Bickmore at 801-484-8845 – email

Customer Service

NCDU’s Insurance Division staff members are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to assist with group insurance and employee program questions and concerns.

We continue to work as a liaison between our members and NCDU-endorsed insurance carriers to ensure the quality of service our members have come to expect.

Our Customer Service staff is ready and willing to serve you.

Please contact us at: Toll Free 800-594-8920 or statewide 801-484-8845
By e-mail: Tiffany Velez,


We offer a motor vehicle dealer bond through the associations agency and its carrier relations.

Contact Jason Bickmore at 801-484-8845 – email