Are your employees stuck in a rut?

We have the perfect training workshop for you! Learn to identify beliefs that are keeping you and your employees from reaching their full potential.

  • Provide better strategies to maximize each department’s goals
  • Improve profitability in your company
  • Gain confidence with interpersonal relationships

This Dealership Mind Management Training is exclusive for our members and their employees. We’ll help you or your individual managers expand on the principles we teach of “Barriers in Beliefs”. Learn how to identify the beliefs that subconsciously work against how you and/or your employees reach goals. This is an extremely interactive course that will challenge you to make the internal changes needed to break down these barriers and replace them with new beliefs.

After attending the DMM, presented to us by the UADA, I identified just one key area of improvement that could help not only me but my family and employees. Being organized for greatness has helped me in all aspects of my life and greatly improved my report with other people and built up confidence in myself.

After having done this for over a month I have been very pleased with the results. I have sense made multiple cards for different aspects in my life both personal and business and have found that my life really is less stressful and I have more time to complete even more work that I did before (I’m now sure if that’s good or bad). Even my General Manager has noticed the changes. She has noticed that I don’t forget near as much as I used to and that I have more confidence in the job that I’m doing. I have also notice a shift in my employees attitudes because they can count on me to do what I have committed to do instead of forgetting and feeling like a jerk when they come to see how their concern or question is coming along.

I hope that my experience can help others to become more positive and to realize that change starts with yourself.

Andy Zeisler, Mike Hale Acura
I have had a way better time at work. I have been doing all of my goals and am getting a lot more done because of it and feel a lot better about where I am going and what I can accomplish. Love it.

P.S. If you want to change tax accountants, I would love to help you out. Thanks!

Jon Shaw, Shaw & Co. P.C.